The Inspiration Behind Penley

You would expect to find paint splatters and drips in an artist’s studio, but walking into Steve Penley’s studio in Atlanta is like walking right into an abstract painting. This is what he actually set out to do upon moving into the new space last August. Nothing is spared a whimsical coating of paint—furniture, instruments, floors, walls, ceilings, and of…

Top Shades

We asked Thomas Eye Group to show us what the hottest trends are in summer eyewear.

Beautiful Friendship

Madison Williams was 16 when debilitating headaches and nausea sent her to the ER. A week later, she had a brain tumor removed and began her fight against grade III anaplastic ependymoma, the malignant form of brain cancer that affects the cells that line the brain and its ventricles as well as the spinal cord.

The Peachtree

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. This annual 10K run is held on the Fourth of July in the heart of Atlanta and is always a big draw for runners worldwide.

The Men of Midtown

 Dr. Christopher Brady  Dr. Christopher Brady is an orthodontist and partner with Atlanta Orthodontic Specialists. He has his father, an oral surgeon, to thank for sparking his interest in dentistry.  Originally from Atlanta, he and his wife, Sarah, who have been married for almost 10 years, live in Brookhaven with their daughters, 7-year-old Ellis Anne and 5-year-old Hayden. Sarah, a…

Men’s Hair Trends

For the past several years, men’s hair trends have been all over the map with guys just doing what feels right. Recently, the undercut has been very popular. This style is clipper cut extremely close on the sides and back, with the top left longer and disconnected.

H. Stockton

H. Stockton, with its four locations in Atlanta, has been in business since 1963. Founded by Ham Stockton, it has become a venerable institution in the area. 

Midtown’s Castle

Architect Mike Lantham purchased Midtown’s historic “castle” in 2010. It is one of the city's most architecturally unique properties. In 2017 Mike and his partner, James Laura, opened Rose and Rye.

Women of Midtown

 Ashley Tibbits  Dual Practice Manager, Thomas Eye Group  Ashley says see likes to stay behind the scenes, but her role as a dual practice manager for Thomas Eye Group has put her at the forefront of most aspects of managing two successful locations.

Patio Gardens

Homes with outdoor living areas are in high demand, especially in cities where space is at a premium. This is where patios can make a big difference by adding useful, livable space for entertaining or just relaxing.