His Space

In honor of our fathers this month, we talked with Stephanie Andrews, founder of Balance Design in Candler Park, and asked how she works with men to make their homes special and more meaningful.

ML: We love men, but what makes their design needs different?

SA: What we’ve noticed about our guys is that they usually have strong feelings about what they do and do not like and take very little time to make a decision. We enjoy their subtle (and not so subtle) nuances, and we would like to shed a little insight on designing specifically for men.

ML: What makes a room special?

SA: Make the room useful! This photograph (bottom left) features a client’s kitchen who wanted a small seating area instead of the traditional breakfast table. It was important to him that this space provided a fun, comfortable spot to hang out with his kids, friends, and just have fun and play guitar. Use a strong, unexpected accent color. The yellow table in this room really grabs your attention as a fun and interesting piece (just like the homeowner!).

ML: What kind of accents work?

SA: Choose items with patina.This antique kilim rug (right) looks like it has had some exciting adventures! It’s worn surface adds texture and character to the room.

ML:  We need inspiration!

SA: Have fun! Don’t take design too seriously! The pairing of the rough-and-tumble leather sofa with easy breezy plants creates a happy, carefree vibe.

ML: What about art?

Anything framed well can be art. We’ve framed bobbleheads, maps, sketches, even some wildlife! Believe in what you love and it can be beautiful and tell your story. Make it personal.