Sophomore's Summer Playlist

I made this playlist two days after completing my second year at college. Sitting in the passenger seat on the way home, I added more than 70 songs to a playlist as the 1996 Chevy Suburban, that would later break down in Indianapolis, schlepped along the weathered Midwestern freeway. With each song I placed, I remembered the moment that was eternally attached to it.

I’m Sorry – Swell ft. Shiloh

I played this song on repeat as I spent the better part of April in the basement of the library studying for my Woman & Lit. final.

Night – Mura Masa ft Charli XCX

The first time I heard this song was after my roommate and I watched all Britney Spears music videos in one night and fell into existential crisis.

Everybody Wants to Love You – Japanese Breakfast

I heard this song for the first time by accident. I was looking for “Turning Japanese,” and found this song instead.

Ocean Bed – King Krule

My best friend showed me this song on one of our long walks around our small college town. We were sitting in the bleachers at an abandoned baseball field. Very picturesque.

Easy – CRO

I first heard this German rapper when I was up late looking for Wes Anderson-style music videos.

Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get – The Dramatics

The first time I heard this song I was walking back from the March for Science in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was blaring out of a local record store.

No Lie – Glowie

This song was recommended by a YouTuber (Mitch Grassi) on his channel Superfruit.

Dolce Vita – Ryan Paris

My friends and I blasted this song as we hiked up Horsetooth Mountain on spring break in Colorado. There were 70 mph winds at 40 degrees, and we had packed for warm weather.

New Mistake – Jellyfish

I can’t really remember the first time I heard this song, but everytime I hear it I think of the fish I got that died after one day. RIP Chaz Sue Gay.

Suedehead – Morrissey

I distinctly remember hearing this song for the first time when my dad and I were driving up to Northern Michigan together last year and looking out the window to see our first glimpse of Lake Michigan.

Who Do You Think Of – M.O

My popoholic suitemate showed me this song along with the choreographed dance she had to it one night. It was both scarring and wonderful.

Jo – Mr. Oizo

The first time I heard this song was when a friend and I were sitting on her bed making a comprehensive list of the best Jimmy Neutron episodes.

Right Here – Maxwell Young

I first heard of this artist when I got really into lo-fi hip hop. His album “Spark” is one of my all time favorites.

Listen to this playlist in order and get the full playlist on my Spotify @mollycollins27.