Pitching for Excellence 2

Coach Bill Melvin is our VIP this month.  He has been teaching baseball to young players across the South since 1986. He uses his eight years of professional pitching experience to improve players of all ages and every skill level; however, what really sets Bill apart is his exceptional character, outstanding communication skills, and infinite patience. We’re proud to have Coach Bill working with kids right here in Midtown, Virginia Highland and Morningside, inspiring them to be excellent athletes and generous human beings.

ML:  Tell us about YOUR inspiration.

BM: I started Pitching for Excellence in 2001.  I was adopted at 5 weeks old by a wonderful and loving mother who tried many times to have kids but was unsuccessful.  My adopted father was a college football star but wanted to have nothing to do with children.  Rose, my mom was my ROCK and raised two children without child support on an art teacher’s salary.  She also taught voice lessons and art lessons and used to sneak out of school to come home and sit on a bucket and catch for me.  Rose hit ground balls and fly balls and was an Incredible mom, coach and mentor!  The only reason why I had a chance to play for the Chicago Cubs was due to her love and hard work with me.

ML: Tell us about your recent “mission trip” to the Dominican Republic.

BM:  I went to the Dominican Republic about three years ago with a friend that got angry with the fact that I spent time getting to know the very hard workers in the resort that I visited.  I told myself that if I have the chance to bless their lives that I would do it.  In April of this year, I purchased gloves, many baseballs and clothes as well as major league baseball caps to give to the Incredible workers that have such a zest for life so they could take them back to their families.  These workers make $200 a month and work for 6 months and then go back to basically tents and shanties.  It was so much fun to be able to give. I was there for 7 days and after the first day, I came down with Salmonella, C-Diff and e-Coli but, was just SO thankful to be able to GIVE to these precious angels!

ML: Tell us about your family.

BM: I am a single father of three amazing daughters: identical twins-Alex & Aly (22), and Haley (19). Alex is at Georgia State, Aly is a senior at Clemson and Haley is a sophomore at Clemson.

ML: What advice would you give to your younger self?

BM: Go after your dreams, NEVER worry about what others say and be very comfortable in your own skin.  We are here to love and to serve.  There is no great challenge as I wake up each and every day and have so much passion and energy to help children gain confidence, feel better about themselves and improve their skills and help them to be better young women and men.