Don't just Plug and Pray

When considering their home electronics needs, many homeowners often don’t think about their home network and rely on what is provided by their their internet service provider or purchase generic networking products and simply “plug and pray.”

Your home’s network is the foundation that just about every other piece of modern day electronics relies on. Without a good network infrastructure, even the best product or app in the world can be frustrating and even rendered useless.

In the past, the only things connected to your network were your home computer and maybe a printer. Then came smartphones, tablets and apps, oh my! Today we have cameras, doorbells, door locks, thermostats, TVs, music and video streaming devices, sprinkler systems, pool controls, and energy monitors, all connected and demanding network access. In fact, when we perform a network scan, we commonly see more than 25 devices connected. Larger, well-connected homes can easily have more than 100 devices.

As technologies converge, the demands on your home network are only going to increase, creating bandwidth demands and security concerns. Over-the-counter box store solutions don’t address the needs for today’s typical connected home.

Many of the box store or online solutions are generic and have you simply add more boxes to get a better WiFi signal. Unfortunatley, a strong signal is only one piece of the pie.

For example, do you frequently have guests who would like Internet access, but you don’t want to give out your private password or expose yourself to snooping? You can partition your network to separate your home office, family computers, audio/video and home automation systems and guest access, keeping your office and private information secure from both the outside world and users in your own home.

Or if you have children, install a system that allows you to easily pause Internet access for family time or create a schedule that automatically limits your children’s Internet access to certain times of the day.

aybe you are a user of one of the video streaming services that have an external box that is famous for needing to be rebooted occasionally. Sometimes these have been placed where it is difficult to access. At Electronic Home, we can install a system that allows you to reboot by pressing a button in an app on your phone or tablet.

With that same app, you can press one button to reset your WiFi and/or Internet; no more going to the equipment and fumbling with wires. The possibilities are endless.

Once installed, we offer a service where we remotely analyze network activity, Internet speeds, WiFi connection quality and intruder detection 24/7. You will be notified of issues before you are even aware of them.

Randy Massey is CEO at Electronic Home, at ADAC West, 349 Peachtree Hills Ave NE.