When Aging Approaches

Gidget D. Black is Nurse Practitioner at Integrative Wellness in West Midtown. She believes in total wellness, specializing in therapies for all that aging is throwing at us. We sat down with Gigi to find out more.

ML: Your practice has a unique approach to health and wellness. Demystify this concept for us. 

GB: At Integrative Wellness Atlanta, we focus on improving quality of life in addition to quality of health. We have providers who specialize in Anti-Aging therapies to enhance all areas of health including, physical, sexual, mental and emotional wellbeing.  We believe you deserve health professionals who are dedicated to Regenerative Medicine; who are on the cutting edge of Regenerative Medicine treatment and research. We believe you deserve health professionals that have been recognized for their expertise in this rapidly advancing field by board examination and certification. The Physicians and Nurse Practitioners at IWA are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

ML: We all know eating is a big part of overall health. What’s new with nutrition?

GB: We have our own line of pharmaceutical grade supplements that are specially selected for quality and efficacy in evidence-based research.  We believe that many symptoms of disease can be improved or even reversed by correcting nutritional deficits.

ML: What are some trends in wellness that your office is on top of?

GB: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Therapy, uses the patient’s own blood which is then concentrated in a pure mixture containing growth and healing factors. These factors have regenerative abilities and thus stimulate healing and rejuvenation. There are many applications for the use of PRP such as facial collagen rejuvenation, hair restoration, and improvement of joint pain, but the most popular is correction of erectile issues. The resulting benefits of PRP for erectile issues typically include tissue growth, new blood vessels and improved circulation.We also specialize in weight loss support by balancing hormone levels with bio-identical hormones including transdermal creams or pellet implants.

Ingtegrative Wellness, 3161 Howell Mill Rd,  678.841.7055