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Stock the bar from distillers near home. Check out these bottles for your bar or to give to someone who loves a good cocktail. 

American Spirit Whiskey

American Spirit Whiskey is a distinctive and mixable silver whiskey. It can be sipped on the rocks or used as a substitute in vodka cocktails for added character. Jim Chasteen and Charlie Thompson, longtime friends who met at the University of Georgia, founded American Spirit Whiskey in 2011. They have created a moderate and mixable silver whiskey that can be used to create unique new cocktails or serve as a high-character substitute for other spirits such as light rum and vodka. American Spirit Whiskey is made with choice hearts from the finest bourbon-quality “white dog,” ultra-filtered for a refined taste.

ASW Armour & Oak Apple Brandy

In distilling an All-Georgia Apple Brandy (Atlanta’s first since Prohibition), they’ve created a Pre-Prohibition-style apple brandy rested in oak and bottled overproof at 50% alcohol by volume. As supporters of local agriculture, they’ve partnered with Blue Ridge, Georgia’s Mercier Orchards, to craft Armour & Oak using various apple cultivars from Mercier. In the process, Georgia’s rich apple-growing heritage and apple-brandy traditions are celebrated together in one.

Old Fourth Distillery 

Handcrafted Southern Dry Gin

The gin is distilled from organic Italian wheat and vapor infused with fresh botanicals: juniper berries from nearby Oakland Cemetery, grapefruit, lemon & orange peel, followed by cardamom, pink peppercorn, angelica root and coriander. They distill it to 94 proof for a bolder experience.

ASW Fiddler Bourbon 

With more than double the wheat content of other “wheated” bourbons, Fiddler’s distinctive grain bill makes it one of the most unique bourbons on the market, sweet and smooth from the high wheat content used as the bourbon’s flavoring grain. Fiddler Unison Bourbon is a marriage of the high-wheat bourbon that forms the basis of Fiddler with ASW’s house-distilled, high-malt bourbon for the first high-wheat + high-malt bourbon in the world. The result is a complex whiskey of caramel, honey and spice.

Old Fourth Distillery  

Lawn Dart

Old 4th Distillery created this limited edition ginger lemon liqueur from locally sourced ingredients for a slightly sweet, unbelievably refreshing spirit. Best served chilled and shaken. Old Fourth Distillery begins with cane sugar vodka base and vapor-infuse it with fresh lemon peel, fresh organic cold-pressed ginger juice, and the slightest hint of sweetness from the same sugar from which their vodka is made. They call it Lawn Dart because it’s just a little bit dangerous and a whole lot of fun for the holidays.

ASW Resurgens Rye

In distilling Atlanta’s first whiskey made from rye on its traditional, Scottish-style twin copper pot stills, ASW Distillery takes its cue from Atlanta’s vibrant craft brewing community to explore new, unique whiskey styles largely ignored by large distilleries. Rye is one of Georgia’s traditional grains, and ASW Distillery features it front and center in Resurgens, crafting Resurgens Rye from 100% malted rye, to create a flavorful whiskey that showcases rye’s potential.