Tops for 2017 3

The year 2017 has been an amazing year for automobiles. From impressive compacts with all-electric engines increasing their distance to muscle-flexing pick-ups providing thrills while lugging heavy loads, car enthusiasts will not forget the last 12 months. Besides the automobiles Driver’s Notebook has featured so far in various publications this year, here are a few more that deserve accolades worth mentioning by doing the ‘Most.” We can’t wait for 2018!

The Most Stunning…

There is a good chance there was a spike in neck brace sales this year because the 2017 BMW i8 supercar’s eye-popping exterior certainly turned a lot of heads as it whizzed by throughout the year. Even when stationary, people will gawk as the wing doors lift to see if Batman is exiting. And while it charges ahead with 367 horses under the hood, it’s a plug-in hybrid. Hello, future.

Base price: $152,695 with all options as reviewed 

Gas/Electric mileage: 79 MPGe (electric and gasoline); 28 MPG (gasoline only)

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The Most ‘Swiss Army Knife’…

The 2017 Hyundai Tucson Night with AWD is the perfect combo—an automobile able to do everything from pick up the kids from school, make daily commutes, and have numerous cargo options during the day while sporting a look that won’t have you avoiding valet during a night on the town. The black applications on the exterior mirrors and 19-inch RAYS wheels, plus a little extra pop with the red valve cap, gives it a welcomed stealthy look. Add the panoramic sunroof, aluminum-alloy sport pedals, numerous amenities that come standard and overall sleek body, and it’s official—this automobile is a gamechanger in its compact SUV segment. 

Price: $30,220 with all options as reviewed 

Gas mileage: 24 city/28 highway/24 combined

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The Most with the Most…

Let’s just say the 2017 Acura MDX AWD Advance ENT leaves virtually nothing to be desired. Have a big family? There are three rows to accommodate up to seven passengers. Love power, yet a smooth ride and nimble maneuvering? The 290 horsepower, four-wheel independent suspension, and SH-All-Wheel Drive check all the boxes. How about a plethora of amenities? Acura’s signature Technology, Advance and Entertainment packages plus “AcuraWatch” safety features make this luxury SUV a standout. Want more? There is also a hybrid version.  

Price: $59,340 with all options as reviewed 

Gas mileage: 19 city/26 highway/22 combined

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The Most Time in the Gym…

In 2017, the unprecedented hike of power the all-new Ford Fusion Sport has implemented would make the most dedicated gym rat cry in envy, going from a respectable 263 horsepower to a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 delivering a 325-powered stampede. Reaching 60 miles per hour in just over five seconds complete with paddles on the wheel, all-wheel drive, a sinister black mesh grille and spoiler gives the family an everyday thrill ride.

Price: $33,605 (Starting) 

Gas mileage: 17 city/26 highway

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