Confession Time

Trainer Confessions with Zeus Luby

Zeus Luby lives up to his name. He rules the gym, though, instead of Mount Olympus. For the last 20 years, he has been training clients throughout Midtown and beyond. Midtown Lifestyle caught up with him recently to learn more about the man behind the muscles.

Favorite cheat meal: Wings!

“Though it’s super rare that I eat this, my favorite cheat meal would have to be my mother’s hot wings with her home-cut fries. I could eat that combination until I pass out!”

Secret to training success: No one-size-fits-all training

“Each client is unique, so they require varying motivational fuel. I seek out the most important component of their lives and build a bridge from those components to their state of fitness. Once that connection is made, they tend to push harder and dig deeper.”

Clients would be surprised to know: I love unhealthy food.

“I absolutely love all the unhealthy foods I rail against in my nutritional diatribes: fried chicken, pizza, burgers, wings, fries, etc. There’s a general misconception that living a healthy lifestyle means you must dislike calorie-laden foods. On the contrary, many of us fitness-focused folks steer clear of them because we like them so much.”

More about Zeus

Zeus Luby is a passionate health and wellness professional and CEO of Olympian Physiques. For more than years, he has been pouring his exceptional experience into helping clients achieve their goals. Zeus is also a passionate life coach, artist, author, motivational speaker, tech developer, actor and founder of a nonprofit organization. He is most proud of being a full-time father to his 14-year-old daughter, Zada. Learn more at