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Local Interior Designer Shares Her Design Secrets for 2018

Stephanie McLean Geyer has 22 years’ experience making client’s visions come true. She owns the Midtown-based interior design firm Stephanie McLean Geyer Interior Design, specializing in creating aesthetically pleasing yet functional spaces. Midtown Lifestyle sat down with her to learn her thoughts on trends, tranquility and typical mistakes.

 What will be the top trend for interior design in 2018?

Outdoor living spaces continue to become more important to homeowners every year. Fireplaces, daybed swings and even upholstered and dining furniture offer a lot of comfort, and you can actually place them outdoors.

How can a homeowner create a tranquil space in their home?

The best way to create a tranquil space is to paint the walls and trim the same color. You can also paint the walls in an eggshell finish and the trim in a satin finish. When you walk into the room, you might not be able to put your finger on what is so soothing, but it is the consistency of the paint color. A lot of homeowners have a difficult time with this, thinking the trim should be a contrast to the walls in a glossy white but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

What do homeowners 
struggle with?

Homeowners tend to struggle with spatial planning. It’s so important to create a furnishing plan to scale before selecting pieces. I wish homeowners realized the importance of completing a room. I’d like them to think about furnishings, window coverings, lighting, pillows, art and accessories and more. A room is perfect and beautiful when all the details are completed.

The home featured is the home of Sean & Stephanie McCarthy. Stephanie is a broker for Sotheby’s, Atlanta Fine Homes.