Handcrafted Homes Inc. Transformed Homeowner’s Garage into a Dream Woodcarving Studio

When a Midtown homeowner wanted to turn his underutilized garage into a complete woodcarving studio, he wisely called in professionals for a renovation that would inspire him and allow him to create works of art for years to come.

During the past four decades of working in the home design, construction and remodeling business, Judy Mozen and her team at Handcrafted Homes Inc. have nearly done it all, from countless kitchen and bath renovations and basement remodels to home expansions. This request was a first for the company.

They had to work within the footprint of the original garage, which was only 10 feet, 6 inches wide, and come up with a design to reflect the homeowner’s love of beautiful wood. The artist also needed plenty of storage and various workstations for his projects.

“I enjoy working with just about any kind of wood. Occasionally, I will work with stone outside in warmer weather. I enjoy the challenges of both,” the artist says from his new studio.  “Recently, I have worked on three different pieces made from scrap materials from our remodeling project—all three abstract.”

The rich new studio now contains its own HVAC system, tankless water heater, high-speed internet, TV, spotlighting from recessed cans, decorative general lighting and a fine particulate air filter to take care of airborne sawdust. Light and security are provided by carriage doors with a remote-controlled insect screen/ This allows the artist to enjoy Midtown’s mild temperatures throughout most the year. Functional additions include a sink, workbench and custom cabinets where the homeowner can store his hand tools. The bookmatched hickory cabinets, bubinga plank-style countertop and western red cedar soffits and beams are both functional and decorative.

“I think of the carving studio as my zen space,” the homeowner says. “I’m so relaxed as I carve, and find it inspiring to be surrounded by all the beautiful wood in the room’s design. My wife and I joke that I would live in the studio full time if it only had a toaster oven!”

“We’ve designed light-filled rooms for homeowners to use as painting studios and craft rooms, but creating a carving studio was a first,” Judy says.  “Everyone involved was very pleased with the result, and, most importantly, the homeowner was thrilled. We were delighted when this project was honored recently by NARI Atlanta (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) with a CotY Award (Contractor of the Year).”