Treehouse Rules with Bess Weyandt

Former start-up advocate and campaign crusader Bess Weyandt now spends her days at a small commercial kitchen making nut milks. Midtown Lifestyle caught up with her recently to learn the ins and outs of running her nutty business, Treehouse Milk.

Bestseller: Chocolate Pecan Milk

Almond and soy milks are old news. Treehouse Milk is the first company to produce Georgia pecan milk sourced from Pearson Farms in Fort Valley, Georgia. Just three ingredients—pecans, honey and vanilla—can be made into many varieties that stand alone or add a velvety nut note to coffee or bourbon. 

“We figured we’re in Georgia, we might as well use the local nut,” Bess says. “Pecans are everywhere, so let’s try it. It is super luscious and rich.”

Tasty Tip: Almonds have the reputation of being the big superfood nut, but pecans have more antioxidants than almonds.

Milk Mix and Match

Treehouse Milk produces many nut milks, including cashew, macadamia and almond oat, and contain 10 times the amount of nuts found in most commercial nut milks. There are endless recipes that can be made with nut milks: pecan milk is great in smoothies, almond milk can be dressed up as a horchata dupe or make chia pudding, Georgia-style, and cashew milk makes great sauces and vegan cheese.

Bess: Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

“The old expression ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ is very much relevant in this case,” Bess says. “We are literally doing everything, but at the same time we have a sense of ownership of what we are doing, and this is very much our product.”

Ninety percent of Treehouse Milks are delivered in glass jars, resulting in a jar reuse program. When Bess is not washing dozens of jars, she serves as the friendly milkmaid by personally delivering milk orders around Atlanta.