Mother-and-Daughter-Owned Cherry Blow Dry Bar Brings Glam to Midtown

Fifteen years ago, mother and daughter Isabel and Jen Nuñez sat together like girlfriends during cosmetology class. Today, they can honestly say their Cherry Blow Dry Bar in Midtown feels like family.

Starting a mother-daughter salon was a just dream the duo had while attending cosmetology school. Life led Isabel and Jen in different directions, but when they came across the Cherry Blow Dry Bar franchise concept, they knew Midtown needed a Cherry of its own. 

Since last May, Isabel and Jen have put their own style into the salon. The design style of the West Peachtree Street location includes spacious, open seating in a U-shape and chandeliers as the cherry on top. Their management style is rooted in putting people first.

“We love our stylists, and we try to have a family feel,” Jen says. “We all want to feel we are connected somehow, more than just by work.”

Isabel and Jen are at the salon day in, day out, but they don’t get in each other’s hair.

“We are best friends really, but we’ve had to learn how to treat the relationship a little differently when we are at work,” Jen says. “Sometimes she has ideas that I didn’t think about and vice versa, so it’s nice to have the different perspectives.”

Together, they intentionally work on their professional relationship and communication style.

“I may see things one way, she may see it another, but at the end, we talk about it and compromise,” Isabel says. “What we both want is to keep growing.”

In just one year, Cherry Blow Dry Bar has grown. Women may stop by for a quick blowout or a makeover complete with mimosas, but Jen knows ladies seek out her salon for more than just their hair.

“Women sometimes come in here having a bad day, but when they are walking out they feel like they can take on the world,” she says. “It makes us feel good for people to feel good coming out of our place.”