DIY Duotone Statement Earrings 9

Shake up your jewelry box with these handmade geometric earrings— perfect for yourself or as a gift for your best ladies


2 half-circle stamping blanks

2 large gold bars

2 medium gold bars

2 ear wires

Jump rings, assorted sizes

Embroidery thread

Metal punch

Bent nose forceps

Needle nose pliers


1. Make sure to have all of your materials gathered before starting the project for easy assembly.

2. Take your half-circle stamping blanks, large gold bars and medium gold bars and arrange them in the order you want your earrings to flow. You can see how we arranged ours, but consider switching up the placement of each item for varying earring styles.

3. Mark where each of the holes line up on the individual pieces. These spots are where you’ll be creating holes with the metal punch to connect each item with jump rings.

4. Once you have your spots marked, carefully and precisely punch holes in your individual pieces. Once all of your holes are punched, connect each piece with the desired size of jump ring. 

5. For an added touch, punch extra holes in the bottom piece and finish off with knotted embroidery thread for a bohemian tassel effect.