Meet Four Local Ladies Impacting the Community

The Closer

Kirsten Howard

Kirsten Howard knows housing in Atlanta. From Ansley Park’s big, traditional houses, to Midtown’s high rises, the real estate attorney celebrates the variety of homes in the city. 

“I have a different perspective on Atlanta by doing real estate because I see where people are buying,” she says. “It’s fun to see how each community, even within Midtown, has its own vibe and its own types of housing.”

In 2004, she and her husband, John, founded Partnership Title Company which has now grown to 11 team members and specializes in real estate closing services.

“If you have a good or bad closing, that’s what you remember,” Kirsten says. “We are the last stop in the process, so we want it to be a seamless, quick and fun closing.”

The Artist

Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans may have her head in the clouds, but the Atlanta native artist is grounded and disciplined.

“While I’m creative, I’m also a very structured person,” Rachel says. “I’m a deadline-driven person. If I don’t have a deadline for a painting, I’ll give myself one.”

Her cloudscapes exhibit at Brickworks Gallery displays the clouds she captures using aerial photography and interprets at her painting studio at the Goat Farm Arts Center. 

During the day, Rachel is operations manager at SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion and Film.

“I believe art is a useful tool for all types people, even if they don’t consider themselves artistic,” she says. “Even viewing art, design or fashion helps you activate a different part of your brain.”

The Mentoring Manager

Yvette Thomas-Henry

As general manager of the Four Seasons Atlanta, Yvette Thomas-Henry is more drum major than manager. She believes Four Seasons has a tempo, rhythm and sense of place that reflects Atlanta. The St. Croix native credits vibrant people for fueling her nearly 11-year career with the Four Seasons. 

Yvette is a leader who listens. She meets one-on-one with new team members, celebrating their first 90 days to see how they are settling in. She’s dedicated to the growth of her team, but also to Atlanta.

“You just never know who you are going to meet,” Yvette says. “I connect with wonderful people in Atlanta. Wherever you go, you connect with the hotel; you connect with the city. You certainly become part of the fabric of the city.”

The Designing Realtor

Meghan Riley Parham

When Meghan Riley Parham considered adding real estate to her love for interior design, she consulted her friends. Unanimously, they knew the social butterfly would be a natural agent.

“My friends and family keep me grounded so I don’t run myself ragged,” she says. “Since I am so passionate about what I do, my friends and family remind me to stop, take a breath and take time for myself, which refuels me to continue to do the things that I need, and want, to do.”

Meghan has been a real estate agent in the Atlanta area for 13 years. Just as she reinvented herself, she has a knack for seeing the potential in a home, restoring its spirit and selling it fast.