Love for Lake Claire 3

Refining History

Interior designer Meghan Riley Parham loves her neighborhood of Lake Claire, but the ranch home next door was an eyesore. Yet whether walking the block or catching a glimpse of it outside her bathroom window, she saw potential.


Today, the fresh house on the block feels new thanks to Meghan’s thoughtful editing in the story of the home. She vaulted the living room ceiling, updated the tall fireplace and opened the entire living quarters by blowing out some walls.


“It’s powerfully feminine in the sense that it’s crisp and clean,” she says. “It’s warm and inviting with some handmade qualities to it.”


Meghan coins the house “clean craftsman,” a more modern take on traditional craftsman style home. She kept in some charm of the original home, like the pine panel room in the back, but never lost sight of her goal to add in more natural light. The front of the house has privacy, but step down a flight of stairs to a room full of light and French doors that invite you outside.


Up in the kitchen, clean white cabinets offer a neutral backdrop for a large, dark mahogany stained island. The island serves as an anchor for all the action in the house and can be used for seating, storage and snack time.



With ladies in mind, Meghan prioritized bathroom space over bedroom space and converted a spare room into a large powder room. Pass through a walk-in closet with big mirrors to a bathroom complete with a soaking tub and a large shower constructed out of two glass doors and two big windows for maximum lighting. Look closely; the bathroom had handmade tiles above the vanity and a natural wooden shelf so pretty pampering products can be on display.