Summertime Skin Care 1

A local expert offers tips to keep skin healthy

It’s hard to determine the fine line between sun exposure that will provide a golden glow and exposure that will result in, well, more fine lines and premature aging. Dr. Sumayah Taliaferro of Atlanta Dermatology & Aesthetics provides a few tips for keeping your skin healthy and protected, as well as a crash course in reading the labels of summer skin care products.  

A+ Sunscreen

Dr. Taliaferro recommends excellent-grade sunscreen that is broad spectrum, covering both UVA and UVB rays.

“Many light sunscreens and day moisturizers contain SPF 15, but the current recommendation by dermatologists is SPF 30 or higher. Sun protection factor refers to how long it takes for the skin to tan, burn or redden when compared to no sunscreen,” she says. 

Sunscreen report card: Many sunscreens containing zinc may leave a white film, but there are many more elegant sunscreens on the market that leave very little residue. 

Skin for the Win

In order to be fully summer-ready, Dr. Taliaferro recommends exfoliating mindfully. Facials and microdermabrasion should replace chemical peels in the warmer months.

“Exfoliating lifts more of the superficial skin layers, so it’s important to recognize that they make you more sensitive to the sun,” she says.

Major exfoliation and chemical peels, such as those with glycolic acid, should take place a month before prolonged sun exposure.  After exfoliation, look for skin moisturizers containing ceramide, a type of lipid that forms a protective layer, and hyaluronic acid for holding in moisture. 



Long Hair? You Should Care!

Before a dip, rinse hair with clean water. Since hair is porous, locks will soak up clean water rather than pool water. Afterward, give your locks a drink by looking for hair products with extra hydration boosts such as Moroccan, argan and jojoba oils. 

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