Jewelry sends a message. While the days of sporting bright yellow Livestrong bracelets are in the past, each piece of adornment we wear today can speak a word of encouragement.

Rather than expressing just one word, gemstones have the ability to convey full ideas about character. For example, August’s birthstone is peridot. One of the unique features of peridot is that their hue is the same in both natural and artificial light. The ability to maintain the same color integrity led to their association with great beauty, especially in Egyptian culture. Today, peridot can serve as a reminder to live true to yourself, no matter what circumstance you are in. 

Jeweler Chad White finds gemstones to be a great way to celebrate a milestone in a child’s life. In fact, his shop, Union Diamond, at Ponce City Market has been the venue for his own nieces’ birthday. The girls’ eyes sparkled as they were treated like stars. They made their own costume jewelry and learned a little more about each of their birthstones’ qualities. 

“Each gemstone has a different personality, as do each of our young guests. It is a joy to teach them about the stones’ uniqueness,” Chad says.

Union Diamond plans to open its doors to other parties in the future.

“We have a beautiful space, and I’d like to share it with others, especially after seeing the wide eyes and hearing the dreams of our guests when I got to share with them some of my favorite pieces.”