Designer Stephanie Geyer Finds Versatile Pieces at Scott Antiques Market

Once a month, interior designer Stephanie Geyer can be found scouring Scott Antique Markets. While she keeps an eye out for interesting pieces daily, her monthly ritual of weaving through the antique showroom is where she gets some of her best ideas.

The antique show comes to the Atlanta Expo Center on the second weekend of every month for four days, and Stephanie is sure to be there as soon as doors open on Thursday mornings.

“Sometimes I’ll go, and I don’t find or buy anything,” she says. “You walk through to see what you can find.”

She’s found antique lamps, vintage art and benches.

“It’s a great place to shop for unusual things. You get in the zone and are both intently looking while seeing what catches your eye. You have to be in the mood for Scott’s, be patient and feeling creative.” 

Olive buckets were Stephanie’s most recent find. Traditionally, the metal buckets were used during olive harvests for picking, their long, narrow slits aiding in washing. Today, the buckets can be used as baskets, planters, storage and even transformed to become light fixtures.

When the olive buckets caught her eye, Stephanie and a client were looking for lighting that would fit in with modern farmhouse theme. The olive buckets stood out as a way to be unpredictable, provide a focal piece and create a lampshade that played with light.

“Because of the slits in the bucket, there is a glowing pattern of light on the ceiling that is super cool,” Stephanie says.

The olive buckets are now the client’s favorite piece for the bright pop they offer the room, as well as the creative process they reflect.

“A collaborative project makes for a better project, and it’s not 100 percent designer-driven. The piece now has a story.”

Versatile perch: If you don’t currently have a bench, Stephanie urges you to buy one pronto. Long, exposed wood can be a statement in itself, or it can be used for extra seating or can rest in front of a fire for warming feet. Move it around the room every few days to keep things fresh.