Doctors Who Give Back

For nearly half a century, Thomas Eye Group has served the greater Atlanta community by providing eye care services to the Atlantans of all ages. Thomas Eye Group is a full service eye care provider that specializes in a variety of eye care needs from routine eye exams to contacts to LASIK and cosmetic surgery.

 The talented doctors on the staff at Thomas Eye Group are not only among the best at their profession, many of them also spend a good deal of their time giving back in the Atlanta community and around the world. The charities that they lend their time and resources to range

 Before joining Thomas Eye Group, Ninita Brown, MD already had deep roots in Atlanta. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at Spelman College and a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering at Georgia Tech. Brown—who specializes in glaucoma and cataract surgery–mentors medical students and undergrads in the American Academy of Ophthalmology Minority Ophthalmology Mentoring program, where she also serves on the executive task force. In addition to her work on the MOM program, she is also on the Young Ophthalmologist Advocacy Committee. This committee trains residents to become ambassadors in the AAO Midyear forum. She also helped start a scholarship at Duke for the Elementary school BOOST program under Brenda Armstrong Scholarship. She is currently working to start an ophthalmology residency at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Shivani Reddy MD is a board certified ophthalmologist providing comprehensive medical and surgical eye care with specialty training in Medical Retina. She recently took a mission trip to Haiti to provide important services to a local community. The experience—which he details here—was as rewarding for him as it was for the people he served. “This look is why we do what we do. This look reminds us of the immense responsibility we have to be there for each other. It reminds us to be grateful for the small things. It reminds us to live in constant awareness of the happy accident that is our birth into privilege. The look of pure surprise, shock and delight on this patient’s face day 1 post-op is what ophthalmologists live for. It’s what it means to see.”

Jeffrey A. Carlisle, MD is a Board Certified ophthalmologist specializing in comprehensive ophthalmic care, LASIK and refractive surgery. His dedication to service is steeped in his spiritual foundation, so it comes as no surprise that his two favorite charities are church and The Salvation Army. “Serving others is really a physical manifestation of spiritual fulfillment. Not that I claim to have achieved such, but I know that fundamentally it is that to which we should strive. I am not here to be served, but rather to serve others without their having to ask,” says Carlisle. “That may be achieved through joy or suffering personally or along with others. Developing a giving spirit through service, gifts or exchanges brings maturity and grows an attitude of thankfulness.”

Salute to the doctors spotlighted in this story and the rest of the staff for sharing their time and resources during this holiday season. If you are inspired by any of their stories and would like to lend a helping hand to less fortunate families this month, Thomas Eye Group’s eight metro Atlanta locations are designated drop off spots for Toys for Tots donations. Happy Holidays!