We ran to some of the best trainers in Midtown to find out their predictions for fitness in 2019. You are going to love what we learned!

Blast believes you need to just show up and do the work. We asked Bri Sexton, chief product officer at Blast, about this philosophy.

“Just show up! Find something you think you will enjoy, and make friends with other people who already do it. Let your workouts be a daily gift to yourself! Find a place that cares about you and notices when you make an improvement or hit a new goal.”

Bri’s 2019 predictions: “You will see a shift back to the fundamentals as people realize the time they spent doing the latest fad workout hasn’t yielded the results they expected. The most effective workouts, both in time and yielding results, combine HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and strength/resistance training into each session. I also think people will realize that the recent trend in shorter workout times, although the concept sounds ideal, are not yielding the results they expected. We don’t work 20 hours a week but expect to get paid for 40 hours, am I right?”

Lions Den believes that training, tone, meals, and mind and body are the keys to success. Their trainers strive to achieve this with encouragement and support. Owner Shawn Gingrich, an AFPA-certified personal trainer, thinks 2019 will continue to see growth in the area of group fitness classes vs. solo workouts. Group classes allow the individual to have someone else create the workout and then coach them through it, gaining tips on form and safety from a certified fitness professional.

“Many of our clients tried working out solo in bigger gyms but quit when they found themselves doing the same workouts over and over,” he says. “I think people are looking for a mix of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) in environments that keep them engaged and wanting to be there. Time is always a factor, and people love to come in and finish the workout in 45 to 60 minutes and be on their way.”

We asked Shawn how he sees technology as a factor in 2019.

“People want to see their results and compare to previous workouts to track progress or regression. The ability to share their results with others via social apps is also growing. Heart-rate monitoring and calories burned tracking programs seem to be the most popular with our clients. New methods to measure body fat, such as Skulpt, are coming to market and will also help people more accurately track changes.”

Stellar Body Brands uses a combination of resistance and counter-resistance with select modified Pilates movements to attain maximum strengthening, toning and muscle lengthening. In under an hour, their goal is to achieve full-body conditioning using resistance, counter-resistance and full muscle contractions. This workout focuses on full-body composition, which forces peak performance. Stellar practices the A Lagree workout, which provides innumerable benefits essential for health and fitness. It strengthens the central core, tones and elongates the muscles and improves endurance. It also increases flexibility, posture and alignment and restores the body’s natural balance.