Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Expands its Immunotherapy Treatment for Patients

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Immunotherapy Program now offers T-cell immunotherapy for the treatment of adult acute lymphoid leukemia and certain types of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Kymriah® CAR T-cell therapy is made from a patient’s own white blood cells.

“We’re targeting CAR T-cell therapy now to patients who have failed multiple rounds of conventional therapy,” said Scott Solomon, medical director of Northside’s Blood and Marrow Transplant Group. “These patients historically have had very poor outcomes and certainly no chances of a cure. Now many of them are alive months or years after therapy.”


Interface + lilli Midtown Recognized for Exceptional Building Design

Two Midtown development projects were honored at the 2019 Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting for exceptional building design. Both projects, Interface headquarters and lilli Midtown luxury apartments, reinvented neglected street corners in creative ways that allow for interaction with the public realm.

“They are exceptional for the way they meet the street and engage their surroundings. Notably, neither one added a single new parking space. Instead, they embrace walkability and access to transit as major assets,” said Ginny Kennedy, Midtown Alliance director of urban planning.

Marist School Outstanding Young Alumni Award Recipient: Greg Benoit ’02

Greg Benoit ’02 is the CEO of QGenda, a healthcare software company in Atlanta with more than 300 employees specializing in automated workforce management, currently serving more than 200,000 clinicians in more than 4,000 hospitals. The Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes an individual who has graduated no more than 20 years ago whose achievements in career and/or service to the community have demonstrated excellence.