The Ultimate Midtown Workout

Midtown is known for its active and healthy lifestyle. New luxury developments like J5, currently under construction at the corner of Juniper and 5th, provide residents access to all Midtown has to offer and include a wide array of amenities for diverse activities. 

Living in Midtown offers endless outdoor fitness possibilities. Piedmont Park, the Beltline and the new bike lines are just the start. On any typical day, you see boot camps in the park, groups of cyclists and personal trainers with specialized outdoor workouts.

J5 is equipped to handle your favorite workouts. The new state-of-the-art equipment will take your workouts to all new levels. Every guy who’s into fitness has some methodology, piece of equipment or program they like over anything else. Some like to circuit train every day; some follow bodybuilding protocols, and still others participate in any number of fitness trends and fads. Whatever your routine, the gym at J5 will inspire you to perform to the max.

Tips for Healthy Running

Invest in good running shoes. Specialty stores like Big Peach or Phidippides have trained staff to outfit you. Stretch before every run. Fluids and protein are essential. Lastly, don’t overdo it. Listen to your body, and increase you run gradually.

Biking in Midtown

Biking is a healthy and enjoyable way to tour Midtown. One of the benefits of Midtown living is the easy access to the Beltline. Formerly a railway corridor around Atlanta, the Beltline is a 22-mile loop with trail and parks. Grab a helmet, ride with street smarts and enjoy. Even better: ride to work.

The Gym at J5

Nasty outside? No worries. The professional-grade equipment at J5 is all you need to get a great workout in.