For the past several years, men’s hair trends have been all over the map with guys just doing what feels right. Recently, the undercut has been very popular. This style is clipper cut extremely close on the sides and back, with the top left longer and disconnected.

For 2019, I’m seeing the undercut take a back seat to a shorter,  blended and well-groomed variation of the style. The skin fade is a classic men’s taper, only a bit more aggressive with skin-tight sides and a clean side part. High-shine pomades are appropriate for this type of style.

I’m also seeing more loose top curls with a short back and sides—a variation on the classic taper but casually styled so the curl takes center stage. A light cream pomade will add separation and shine to this style.

Buzz cuts are also a very popular style and are appropriate for most men (especially in warmer months). For the buzz, the hair is clipper cut all over with the sides and back neatly tapered. Some buzz cuts are left a little longer on top and styled with a matte-finish clay for texture.

In contrast, I’m also seeing a lot more guys sporting very long layers, often tucked behind the ear for a casual, “rugged poet” vibe.

For African-American men, the twisted afro is very hot right now. It’s a little longer and more natural than the tight fades we have seen in the past. Look to Donald Glover/Childish Gambino for inspiration.

Beards are still the rage, and the trend is all over the map. Many men are opting for short stubble, and some are going for the long, full option. Either can be outlined on the cheeks and neck for a groomed look or left natural for a more rugged edge.


David Alexander has been a master stylist for more than 25 years. He is co-owner of American Haircuts, a local collection of Atlanta barbershops, and has also worked as a men’s stylist for Baxter of California in Los Angeles.