Helpful In-Between Grooming Tips

Midtown is full of dog lovers. Groomers stay busy, from mobile vans that arrive equipped to serve to the wide variety of grooming facilities all over town. New condo and apartment buildings are also including bathing stations for dogs as staple amenities.

In between grooming, we need to make sure we are doing the best to keep our pets healthy and clean.  Walking and exercising our dogs expose them, and us, to a wide variety of impure particles. From chemicals on lawns to debris on the streets and sidewalks, our pets take in a lot, A grooming, even if regularly scheduled, is not enough.

Here are some simple and easy tips to help your dog and home stay clean.

Regularly brush your pet. Maintaining a routine in brushing your dog is very important. The regular upkeep will help reduce the amount of dirt and allergens on your dog’s fur, which will keep them cleaner overall.

Use scented pet sprays. Freshening sprays or foams are easy to add after brushing. This not only helps keep your dog’s coat smelling clean, but it also helps with detangling.

Clean all of your dog’s stuff. Beds, toys, blankets and pillows they sleep on all collect whatever they have collected outside. This will keep your pup and your house fresher and cleaner. Pet-friendly cleaning products are easy to find.

Use dry shampoo. Baking soda and cornstarch are great for removing any dog smell. You can massage the powder through your dog’s coat using a towel. Commercial dry shampoo for dogs can also be found at your local pet store.

Don’t forget the ears. Whatever the size of your dog’s ears, stuff can get caught in there. You can take baby oil and wipe out the inside of the ear. Be very careful as their ears are sensitive. Dog ear wipes are also a handy tool.

Use pet wipes after a walk. Wipes are a great way to clean their paws and remove whatever they have come in contact with. Many wipes also contain vitamins A and E and aloe vera, which promote an overall healthy skin and coat.