Successfully Combining Career and Personal Goals

In July, Dr. Kassidy Looper joined Intown Smile Studio in Atlanta. She is working alongside Dr. Susan Estep, an award-winning dentist who has been voted consecutively as one of Atlanta’s top cosmetic dentists.

“After dental school, my training was mostly in surgery, so I received training in dental implant placement, difficult extractions and IV sedation,” Kassidy says. Now, they no longer have to refer patients out for these procedures. And, she can also treat patients with complex medical issues.

Originally from Woodstock, Georgia, a rare dental condition started Kassidy on the path to becoming a dentist.

When she was a freshman in high school, her dentist at the time found a cyst in her jawbone and referred her to an oral surgeon to have it removed. While she was there, the surgeon spoke with her about future career choices and mentioned that dentistry may be a good option for her.

“I always knew I wanted to do something in medicine but hadn’t really considered dentistry until then. I really liked the hands-on aspect of it.”

Afterward, she worked for the surgeon during her high school years and then went on to pursue dentistry in college. While doing so, she continued to work in his office and shadow him.

“I do plan on having a family one day, so what I really like about dentistry is that it allows you to work as much or as little as you want,” Kassidy says. “I’ve always been very career-focused, but I also knew that I would eventually want to have children, and I really like that I can do both things and give equal amounts of attention to both.”

She and her boyfriend, Matt Lewis, who is also a dentist, have a townhouse on the Beltline in Atlanta. They have a dog, 7-year-old Milo. 

“I love spending time outdoors,” she says. “Matt and I do a lot of camping and hiking, and we take Milo with us.”

Kassidy had been looking at quite a few practices in the area and feels she is fortunate that this opportunity presented itself.

“I really like the philosophy of Dr. Estep’s office. She tries to make it a very relaxing environment for people,” Kassidy says. “She takes extra steps to make sure patients are comfortable.”

“She’s a great mentor, and I think I’ll definitely learn a lot from her.”