5 Things to Make 2020 Your Best Financial Year Ever

How does your financial wellness stack up? One of the most overlooked aspects of health and wellness in life is whether one is financially well. The imbalance of money is a significant cause of personal stress and stress in relationships. Even if you have enough money to support your current lifestyle, not knowing where you’re headed for the future can be just as disconcerting.


At Nora Wealth we ascribe to a simple philosophy. We encourage our clients to “Align your dreams with your means.”

–        Start with your values and base your life goals on what you want to accomplish

–        Identify, describe and understand clearly where you want to head

–        Assess your earning capacity and spending habits to set you on the path to achieve what you really want.

We know that you will benefit greatly if you do this. We’ve seen it happen time and again.


Of course, an individual’s path will depend on life stage and personal circumstances. Here are 5 things…plus a Bonus…to help you take stock of your own life and decide if you need to address your personal financial wellness:


1.     Know thy$elf: Be honest and face the facts. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes that may be standing in your way. The number one reason that people don’t ask for help with money is the fear of being judged. You are your worst critic, and you’re not alone, so let it go.

2.     Make your financial life a priority: Put financial self-care right up there with yoga, the gym and clean eating. Or, if you don’t have time for any of those, put your finances on an even keel with other critical items, like childcare or eldercare. If you delegate your finances to a spouse, partner or anyone else, take time to learn the basics and to communicate about them. Make sure your values are reflected and you know what’s going on.

3.     Find a way that works for you: Yes, this may include a budget, but budgets should be empowering, not restrictive. They help you make better decisions about your money, so you get what you REALLY want.  If you already budget and track expenses, make certain your savings and investment strategies are leading you to your end goals.

4.     Build in accountability: Just as in your professional or business life, you need metrics and check points built in to measure success and to help re-route when the inevitable life changes occur. Another important aspect here is to choose a thought partner whom you can trust to be honest and objective as you navigate the way.

5.     Get started: Don’t worry about whether it’s too early, or too late. Starting early, if only small, can make an enormous difference in the long run, but it’s also never too late . . . just START.

Bonus: Become an example. Teach your kids and others better financial habits. Make financial well-being part of your legacy, along with improving your chances of providing for loved ones and other charitable giving interests.


If any of these have got you thinking, but wondering where to start, Nora Wealth is the perfect place. We offer complimentary conversations to help you assess your personal financial well-being and place on the path to finding “Wealth your way.” Just visit our website at www.norawealth.com.