Healthy Living Beyond Cancer

"It is always smart to pay attention to your body and what it is trying to tell you," said Sara.  "Ask questions while you are at your doctor's office - no question is too small."

Quinoa Anyone?

Quinoa has become one of our most popular health foods. Though technically a seed, Quinoa is classified as a whole grain and is a good source of plant protein and fiber.

Keeping Your Dog Clean

Midtown is full of dog lovers. Groomers stay busy, from mobile vans that arrive equipped to serve to the wide variety of grooming facilities all over town. New condo and apartment buildings are also including bathing stations for dogs as staple amenities.


Midtown is known for its active and healthy lifestyle. New luxury developments like J5, currently under construction at the corner of Juniper and 5th, provide residents access to all Midtown has to offer and include a wide array of amenities for diverse activities. 

The Art of the Smile

Dr. Susan Estep has been practicing dentistry for 18 years, and after sharing a successful and well-known practice in Atlanta for 13 of those years, she went out on her own and opened Intown Smile Studio two years ago. An award-winning dentist, she has been voted consecutively as one of Atlanta’s Top Cosmetic Dentists.

Top Workout Trends for 2019

We ran to some of the best trainers in Midtown to find out their predictions for fitness in 2019. You are going to love what we learned!

Something All Men Will Experience

 Article and Photography  With brawn on the brain, men often forget that the quintessential male hormone testosterone adds much more to well-being than just building muscle mass. Gigi Black, a nurse practitioner at Integrative Wellness Atlanta, believes that fitness begins at the cellular level and starts when a body’s hormones are at correct levels. “Andropause, or low testosterone, is something…

Best Face Forward

Working out takes a toll on your bod, your spirit and your face. We asked the pros at Dermatology Consultants to help with a game plan for keeping active faces looking their best.

Sun Warrior

Setting my sights on summer, I made an appointment at Atlanta Dermatology & Aesthetics at Atlantic Station. Oma, the friendly office manager, welcomed me and talked to me about my schedule, my goals and my skin. I’m 55, and have spent my share of summer days on the water, sailing, paddling, in the lifeguard stand and chasing children in the…