Top Shades

We asked Thomas Eye Group to show us what the hottest trends are in summer eyewear.

Bronze Lens

Kathleen Bertrand, a multifaceted recording artist and writer, is a native of Atlanta who grew up in the Old Fourth Ward.

Giving Back with Alicia Roberts

When CBS 46's Alicia Roberts isn't reporting the news, she’s usually helping the community. We spoke to Alicia about a few charities she’s been involved with where Atlanta residents can lend their time, energy and/or resources to during the holiday season or any time of year. 

At Home with Kevin Rathbun

Kevin Rathbun has been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years. Kevin began his career as a dishwasher at a local restaurant in his hometown, Kansas City, eventually working his way up to sous chef. Throughout his impressive career, Kevin has worked with several world-renowned chefs including Bradley Ogden, Emeril Lagasse and Stephen Pyles.

Immediate Smile

 Article Grace Huseth | Photography Grace Huseth  At Midtown Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, Dr. Brock Pumphrey replaces teeth daily. If someone knocks out a front tooth, he’s able to replace the tooth in the same day. If someone has suffered from tooth decay, he can salvage the teeth and create a natural, healthy smile moving forward. As dental specialists,…

Posh Princess Party

 Article Grace Huseth | Photography Nicole Stephens  675 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE, #8500, Atlanta, Georgia, 770.319.9155,  Jewelry sends a message. While the days of sporting bright yellow Livestrong bracelets are in the past, each piece of adornment we wear today can speak a word of encouragement.

Got Nut Milk?

Former start-up advocate and campaign crusader Bess Weyandt now spends her days at a small commercial kitchen making nut milks. Midtown Lifestyle caught up with her recently to learn the ins and outs of running her nutty business, Treehouse Milk.


Makers shape the culture of a community. Check out these Instagram accounts for local talent from the Atlanta area that will inspire you to shop locally. 

Confession Time

Zeus Luby lives up to his name. He rules the gym, though, instead of Mount Olympus. For the last 20 years, he has been training clients throughout Midtown and beyond. Midtown Lifestyle caught up with him recently to learn more about the man behind the muscles.

Stay Awhile

Stephanie McLean Geyer is an interior designer who believes in beautiful spaces. She shared her tips on creating a comfy guest bedroom with Midtown Lifestyle. Visit her at SM Geyer Interior Design,